Periodic announcement of mailing list for tandem bicycle enthusiasts:

"" is an international subscription based electronic mailing list for tandem bicycle enthusiasts. Suitable topics include questions and answers related to tandem componentry, riding technique, brands and equipment selection, repairs and upgrades, prices, clubs, tandem anecdotes, rides, rallies and other activities, cooperating on FAQ (frequently asked questions) material etc.

This list is not intended to subvert the various rec.bicycles newsgroups, rather to supplement them - items of general interest should be posted to the newsgroups (if you have access to them). Faster, more detailed responses to specific questions, a slightly more private forum in which opinions can be expressed with reduced fear of repercussion, and (mainly) a place to carry on about tandems far beyond what might be considered "polite" in the general purpose newsgroups are some of the benefits of the mailing list. There are currently about 2000 subscribers on the list. Volume averages from 20-50 messages per day (a digest mode is available, and messages can be browsed on the web). The list is generally unmoderated, however if topics stray too wildly moderation may occasionally be activated. List archives, including previous messages and many FAQ documents, are available electronically.


To subscribe, send an electronic mail message to "" consisting of the single line:

subscribe tandem firstname lastname
where firstname lastname is your own name. For example:
subscribe tandem Jane Doe

The list server will deduce your email address. Do not include any other text in your message. The subscribe command should be in the body of the mail, not in the "Subject" line. You will receive automatic acknowledgement of your subscription request, which gives further details about the list including information on how to invoke the digest option, access archives of old messages and FAQ files, etc. (You should receive an error message if your request is improperly formatted).

To start your subscription in digest mode (reducing load on the list server and your own mailbox), add the line

set tandem mail digest
to your subscribe message, just after the "subscribe tandem" line.

Once you are subscribed to the mailing list, you will receive messages sent by other members of the list by electronic mail, and you can mail your own messages or replies to the other members of the list. To send your own messages, be sure to mail them to "", not to the listserv (the listserv is only for subscribe/unsubscribe and other administrative functions - tandem is not the only list on the listserv). Messages must be plain text only, no messages with encoded attachments are passed through the server.

Should you choose to discontinue your subscription you may do so at any time by sending an unsubscribe request - send email to containing ONLY the line:
unsubscribe tandem

If you have questions about the mailing list prior to subscribing, or in general, feel free to send mail to me directly.

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Links to a few tandem list member pages with some tandem content (graphics etc)

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