Black Wings

Sample Songs

1. The Cowboy/Longhorn (2:00 MP3)

(Cody and Ladies of the City)

At the beinning of the musical CODY, a white cowboy on a Texas range, is bored and daydreams of ladies he would meet if only he were in the city. A biplane runs our of gas and lands. He is surprised to see Bessie, an African American aviatrix, approach with a gas can. He follows her to Chicago. He sings in country mode.

2. The Beacon (2:25 MP3)


MOSELYNNE is the ghost of BESSIE's spiritual mentor. She sings "THE BEACON" to restore BESSIE's hopes. She sings in gospel mode.

3. Ladybirds (2:40 MP3)

(Dead Aviatrixes)

The DEAD AVIATRIXES, who are not of real time or place, are the ghosts of historical women aviators killed while flying. They are from France, Germany, Japan, and the USA. They are gungho for stunt flying and semi-comic. Like Furies they try to lure BESSIE to take chances. They sing "LADYBIRDS" shortly before BESSIE performs her fatal flying stunt. They sing in a jazz mode.

4. The Hopes I Had (2:45 MP3)


BESSIE, based on the historical African American, Bessie Coleman, is a 1920s stunt flier who gives exhibitions in rented planes to raise money to buy a plane of her own so she can start a school to train African American aviators. She sings "THE HOPES I HAD" in blues mode when she meets apparently unsurmountable obstacles.

5. Dreamplace (2:45 MP3)


BUNNY, the prostitute, remembers CODY, the cowboy, who treated her with respect during his one-night stand with her. She sings "DREAMPLACE" in country mode.