ALFRED KROEBER is a Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Museum of Anthropology in San Francisco. At the beginning of the play in 1911 he is 35. He wears boots and looks as if he's headed for field work in rugged terrain. He gives the impression of a man in a hurry.

ISHI is the last of the Yahi. He is approximately 51 when the play begins, but he looks ten years younger. His movements are extraordinarily economical--conserving energy had been a principle of survival in his world. He is in a new world and wants to belong.

 HILARY ADDISON is Kroeber's assistant. It is her first position since finishing her studies in Anthropology. She is 25, an Easterner from a family of good social position. She is somewhat disoriented by her entrance into a new professional world.

 WING SU, 21, is Kroeber's Chinese-American secretary. She is intelligent and proud of having earned a high school diploma. She knows from the experience of her family thatsurvival depends on cultural adaptation.

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