A Short Play with Movement and Sound


Theodore Shank

© Theodore Shank 2004

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A Man

A Television Set

A Dog


A Room with a large clock


A Play with Movement and Sound

The play has a sound score consisting of amplified sounds made on the stage--mostly by the Man. The amplification is by contact mikes, or a taped sound score, or a sound person making the sounds.

All of the Man's movements, while natural, set up a rhythm. For example, he takes the same number of steps back and forth to and from the door to the kitchen.

It is early morning. The large clock says it is a few minutes to six. The Man is on edge and becomes increasingly agitated throughout the play as he anxiously awaits the television event which he doesn't want to miss. On the television screen is seen an electric chair and in big letters:


At the beginning the Man is sitting on a straight-backed chair looking at the TV. After a time he rises and quickly walks (with the amplified sound of his steps) to the kitchen door while continuing to watch the TV. He exits. The door swings back and forth with a sound.

The Man enters with a can of beer, walks (amplified) to the chair, pops the tab (amplified) and sits. As he drinks the sounds of swallowing are heard.


He rises and quickly goes to the kitchen again. He returns with a bag of potato chips which he opens and eats with the sound of ripping and munching.


He rises and quickly (almost a run) goes to the kitchen. The sound of urinating is heard and a toilet flushes. He returns almost running and sits.


The Dog is heard whining in the kitchen.

The Man rises and runs off to the kitchen. He returns with a bowl of dog food and is followed by the Dog. The bowl is place on the floor and the dog eats ravenously (amplified).

Silence except for the sound of the dog eating.

The clock says six o'clock and it clangs six times.

The Man rises and stares at the clock, at the TV. He sits.


The television set begins to hum and becomes increasing louder until the end of the play.

The Man rises and stares at the TV.

The TV screen says in big letters:


The TV begins to static loudly.

The Man throws his beer can at the TV. Sudden blackout, explosion, sparks from the TV.

The End